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These Pages are really for me to show
off my son Luke & for any parents out there
who have children with a "bit" missing, who
need information, or just someone
who has been through it all too !



Luke1 Luke is six, and he is the absolute apple of my eye. He is full of trouble, he has enough confidence for a class full, he is cheeky, funny & very good looking, see what I mean ?

That's my boy !! As you can see, he has a prosthetic left leg. It's strange, but when he was born, the tibia in his left leg was missing.... also the femur was short & the left side of his pelvis is small & there was some doubt over his hip developement - which has turned out fine (phew)....

Anyhow, the short & long of it is that Luke had his left leg amputated, through the knee, when he was one. (He went to Great Ormond Street in London) Now, he does fantastically... He has the latest leg & knee & the best foot around.

If you're interested, there's a page where I will be going into more detail. I haven't completed it yet, but it's going to be about the clinical & practical side of things.....

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Quentin my mate. And this is Luke's friend from Spain, Guillermo.

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